Model   Bob Carlin Signature BC-120
Make    Gold Tone
Sound    Acoustic
Special    12" rim, frailing scoop, wider fingerboard, "hot dog" vintage-style armrest, Renaissance head, "No Knot" tailpiece.
Color    Vintage old timey neck design.
Condition    New
Price   $599
Shipping   $30 - standard
Tax   Vermont Resident Only
Return Policy   3 days

Following the success of the Bob Carlin models, the BC-350 and BC-350+, Gold Tone introduced a new brother, the BC-120. This economically priced version of the BC line has many of the features of its costlier relative such as the 12" rim and rolled brass tone ring for increased mid-range and bass response, a fingerboard scoop to play over the neck for a deeper tone, a wider fingerboard to facilitate drop thumb, a "hot-dog" vintage-style armrest, Renaissance banjo head, and No Knot tailpiece. Other features exclusive to this model include the dual coordinator rod configuration, rosewood fingerboard, bone nut, and geared tuners. For those that want to get into a 12" banjo at the beginner price, the BC-120 is for you.

The BC-120 includes a padded gig bag.

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