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215 College St., 2nd Floor, Burlington, VT 05401

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Nowa Randall Crosby
Randolin Music Store and Guitar Repair

STORE, DROP-OFF/PICK-UP LOCATION: 215 College St., 2nd Floor, BurlIngton, VT 0541
Tel: 802-865-3890, 802 651-0070
WORKSHOP, WAREHOUSE & MAILING ADDRESS: 470 Thomas Road, Shelburne, VT 05482
Email: randolin1@gmail.com . www.randolin.com

For free consultation or any other inquiries, please call
802-865-3890 or email: randolin1@gmail.com.

Orders can be done with major credit cards or through paypal online. You may also call 802 865-3890 or visit the repair drop-off/pick-up location at 215 College Street, 2nd. Floor, Burlington, Vermont 05401

You are welcome to visit my home shop at 470 Thomas Road, Shelburne, VT 05482, in between Spears St. & Falls Road. Please call to make an appointment.

All orders require a minimum of 50% downpayment at the time the order is placed. Instruments in stock require full payment. All custom orders require 50% downpayment to begin any work which includes any research and development work on special instruments. Full payment is required before any finish/lacquer work is done and shipped.

All custom instruments are non-refundable upon shipment.

Please contact us for basses or a list or ideas of other custom instruments which include Mandolin family, Quatros, and Ukes.


7 days for items bought in store. 3 days upon receipt for items bought online.

We stand by our commitment to repair/recondition instruments within 30 days of purchase to resolve unexpected damage issues and to keep our customers happy. However, varied circumstances beyond our control may happen to the instrument upon leaving the store. Instruments made of wood are especially sensitive to changing weather conditions, hence, improper handling, poor humidification, drastic temperature change, are likely to cause damage as well. As such, in the event of absolute return/refund due to damage, instruments are subject for assessment and reappraisal of its value. We use this as metrics to determine the most fair, reasonable and highest refund possible to our customers.

Customer is responsible for shipping upon returning items bought physically from the store. A 10% restocking fee applies.


All sales of discounted items are FINAL. No return. No exchange.