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Traveling Case

Hard Traveling case in various style

Hard traveling case from $125
Soft cases starting from $45
Used hard cases and chip board cases under $30.


  • Picks including thumb and metal finger picks
  • Straps
  • Gig bag
  • Bow
  • Chin rest
  • Rosin
  • Single strings
  • Capos
  • Chromatic Tuners
  • Harmonicas
  • Electronic parts including volume and tone pots
  • Switches
  • Springs
  • Instrument stand
  • Humidifier
  • Penny whistles


Aguila string

Ffinest gut strings and synthetic strings, for historical and modern musical performance.
Banjo, Guitar, Ukelele

Elixir For all types of string instruments

Pyramid Strings
Available per custom order. Please call us at 802-865-3890

AlvarezSavarez Strings fo rClassica Guitar

DRDR Strings for Acoustic and, Electric guitars

D'AddarioD'Addario Strings For Electric, Acoustic and Classical Guitars

SpectrumSpectrum and George Benson and Thomastik Dominant Violin strings, mandolin, and banjo

John PearseJohn Pearse

Randolin Music Instrument  

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