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THE RANDOLIN VIOLIN: Custom Handmade 5-String Violin

The Randolin is a concept combining old and new, antique and modern, the unchanging of the past with the ever changing of tomorrow. Using the historic viol shape, luthier Randy Crosby has successfully blended the traditions of quality craftsmanship from violin makers of old withthe emerging needs of modern professional musicians.

The resulting instrument is a five-string (5), solid-body electric violin with a true tone and affordable price tag. Its familiar traditional shape and standard scale length makes the Randolin surprisingly comfortable to play. Weighing only 2.75 pounds, it is lighter than most solid-body violins. The fifth string (low C) opens up new worlds of expression for the violinist accustomed to the more limited four string violin.

For the acoustic musician who is interested in onstage amplification, the solid-body is the superior way to go. The power of plugging in is a feeling that must be experienced to be appreciated. The Randolin gives you a direct line to your audience, cutting through the clutter of sound that the performing violinist competes with.

  • Overall length: 24"
  • Neck width at nut: 1" to 1.5"
  • Body length: 14"
  • Natural cherry body with maple neck and ebony fingerboard.
  • Ebony tuners and piezo crystal pickup.
  • Scale length: 13"
  • Body width: 5.25" to 6.25"
  • Body depth: 1" to 1.25"
  • Weight: 2 lbs 12 oz.

Finish: Natural or black, Resons or Kuns shoulder rest
Standard model: US$800.00 includes case and shipping

For Questions, contact Luthier Nowa Randall Crosby: 802-865-3890 | E: randolin1@gmail.com