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The Store is open Wednesday, Friday & Saturday, but best to make an appointment

WE will be open those days, but will only be able of have two people in the store at a time. Best to make an appointment if possible. The street level door is locked and you will need to call 802-865-3890 or 802-651-0070 to have the door opened. We would prefer everyone entering the store to wear a mask, and we have hand sanitizer available and it should be used after playing each and every instrument.

Special Ukulele Clare Online Lessons

Clare Innes is doing a Special online deal for the Quarrantine Blues; this includes uke and harmonica lessons. Check out her complete details here;

What kind of deals do we have? Well, the sky's the limit!

To help you beat the stay at home blues, just contact us to make an appointment to see and play instruments or view what we have in stock online, call us and we'll ship, same or next day.Remember, at Randolin Music the Price is written in ink, not stone and on many instruments this is the time for deals. Many of our instrument suppliers are still open and are drop shipping, that includes Recording King, Loar, Ortega and Eastman.

Shipping and Drop Shipping

Many of our instrument distributors and manufacturers are drop shipping for us directly to customers. This includes Eastman, Ortega, Recording King and Loar. If you see something we don't have in stock, don't let that stop you! Contact us and we'll give you the best deal we can and ship it right to your home! This includes strings, picks, books or whatever we have in the store or can order.